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Jack H. Ikenaga
420 Lockhaven Drive, Houston, TX, 77073, United States
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Jack H. Ikenaga, is the President of ACCC Insurance Company which was founded in 1948. The company secretary is Ross E Bennett. The company treasurer is Philip J Bither.

ACCC Insurance Company primarily deals with insurance.

In 2010, ACCC Insurance Company had total liabilities of $0 and total assets of $0. Their total liabilities reached $0, while their net income was $0.

Total direct premiums written in 2010 totaled $0; and net premiums were $0.

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5 months of torture....

Sep 11, 2014 by krystal

My husband was side swiped by a young kid back in April. Monica Smith was handling the claim. After almost a month I contact her seeing how I work for the lean holder of our vehicle she stated that they have not concluded their investigation and they were waiting the other parties response. A few weeks later I called again and she stated that because the other party was unresponsive that they could not conclude the investigation and there for our claim would be denied. I was highly passed when she said that. Almost a month in a half later she calls my husband and leave a voice mail stating that they had concluded the investigation and needed more information to finish filing the claim and issue our check. I called and gave her all the required info and the address in which the claim check was to be sent. A month later still not check so I called back and to my surprise Monica Smith was no longer with them. I have to speak to a supervisor by the name of Paul Wilson, he explain that the check was mailed out weeks ago but would void it and send a new one if my husband could fax in a letter stating he had not received the check. It been 2 was not and still nothing so I called again today and Paul said they had not received the fax so I asked for an email and emailed the letter to him. As an employer for the lean holder this is very frustrating and I have never experienced so much headache from a insurance claim. This has been 5 long months of torture.

ACCC is the worst

Aug 19, 2014 by Gary

Its going on a month since my car was rear was in a parking lot. I was in my apt and the person backed into my parked car. This sorry pos insurance company is saying they need a copy of my title. My lein holder keep faxing it to them but keona knights keep acting like shes not receiving it. Whats even worse is i will call and she wont answer, then wait like 2 weeks before she answer and still not have any info. Im seriously down in helping with this lawsuit. This is just terrible.

ACCC is the worst

Aug 13, 2014 by sara

This is the worst insurance company ever! i got into a car accident where the other driver hit the rear right side of my car. i filed a claim with the other drivers insurance (all sate) and the other driver believed it was my fault and filed it with ACCC. Before Allsate could even make a decision ACCC declared me at fault and paid for the other drivers car. my car was totaled and i got nothing because ACCC DIDNT EVEN TRY TO FIGHT FOR THEIR CUSTOMER! Never came to look at the vehicle to see the damages. They believed the other driver and just put me at fault. THY ARE VERY LAZY! Representatives don’t speak fluent english or have any common sense! I am getting 4 of my friends/family to switch insurance and anyone who reads this please don’t go with ACCC!!! I got a lawyer and this company is getting sued!

Class Action Lawsuit

Jul 23, 2014 by steven castaneda

This is the worst insurance company in the world, class action lawsuit is required!! Email:

Class action law suite

Jun 18, 2014 by Ck

I am in 100% to sue this company. Whatever it takes
Even if I don't get anything out of it, but they need to be stopped

Horrible ins company

Jun 13, 2014 by Lamona bramlitt

It has been a month since I was hit head on by there insurer. Nothing has been done. I have turned it over to my insurance co. My story is the same as all the other people on here. There has got to be something we can do to shut these crooks down. They are not a n insurance co they are crooks. If anyone wants to start a class act law suit I am in!! contact me

Breach Rental Agreement

May 26, 2014 by stephen springle

On 12/31/13 I contacted ACCC to inform them I was hit by their insured. I took my car immediately to a collision shop. ACCC did not accept Liabilty until Februrary 9, 2014. I was relieved from my out of pocket rental expenses incured by being redirected to their direct payment provider Hertz. I was told by Mr. Woods,Claims Dept, that no limited days would be on the rental agreement. Hertz has informed me after my wife was arrested that they had not recieved a payment from ACCC since March. So they put a warrent out for the vehicle. I have attempted to reach out to ACCC numerous times an never can get in touch with anyone regarding update status of my claim. I left many many voicemails and it would be weeks before I would get a response. There has been a need for supplement after supplement and delays in parts recieving from their own parts vendor. My vehicle is still not finished and its May 26,2014. I finally spoke to the claims supervisor, Mr. Chiristopher Fields, on April 28, 2013 after returning back in the state and he stated to me that the rental agreement was still extended and my vehicle should be done in 17 more days. Hertz has no data supportimg Mr. Fields rental agreement. Hertz has taken money out of my checking acct numerous times and I had to contact my bank and ACCC. I never got a followup response from ACCC. Mr. Fields contacted me finally on May 23,2014 which was 8 days after my wife was arrested for operating the rental reported stolen due to non payment. He promised me again he spoke to Hertz and my vehicle should be finished by May 27, 2014. He refused to give me a rental and also stated if the workorder goes beyond May 27, 2014 ACCC would compensate with a check. I ask Mr. Fields to email me this followup statement and he said he would not. I have no vehicle to get back and forth to work and I had to post a 10K bond to bail my wife out of Clayton County Jail a cost of $1,713 non refundable cash.

I need help

May 01, 2014 by texasflower

ACCCINS denied my claim. I am so mad, they don't care at all.
If you know a good lawyer please let me know.

This company should be out of business.

I think we should all get together a do a massive lawsuit against this company.

worst insurance company in the worls

Apr 30, 2014 by fedup

ACCC insures the driver that ran right through a stop sign causing substantial damage to my car.I have not received one phone call I have had to call and be placed on hold forever before I get to talk to this horrible excuse for a human being Yolanda.The driver was obviously at fault and was given a ticket. I had to get the police report to them and do all legwork for her.They are trying to total my car and offer 800.00! That will not replace my car! That will not replace any car! They don't get that there job is to make you WHOLE again! They want you to be left screwed without a car and barely enough money to even insure a new one! A class action should be the works here, I don't see how it hasn't happened already.This is no insurance company, they don't care about you, your car or the fact that you cannot get to work because their wreck less driver broke the law causing you the loss of your only transportation! After reading the thousands upon thousands of complaints and seeing their F rating with the BBB I am quite surprised I even got to the point of hearing a laughable, insulting offer.

class action lawsit

Apr 29, 2014 by mike

I hope to find a courageous attorney or a group of attorneys that will take on this insurance company for a class Action lawsuit, this company needs to be stopped from abusing people on daily basis and getting away with it.

ACCC insurance is not an insurance company......

Apr 25, 2014 by Trish

I would love to know how an agent ACCC insurance can deny a claim when they are not the insurance company themselves. I went to there website and ran a quote and got 5 other companies to choose from and I had to go to their websites to actually get the quotes, so ACCC insurance did not even get the quotes for me themselves. So again I ask, how can an insurance agent DENY a claim? They told us the same as most of these others, "We probably will deny the claim once we talk to the insured party". .............

They ignore their claims

Apr 18, 2014 by Jenny

One of their covered customers made an unsafe turn on red and hit my custom car. She received a citation from the police for her actions and the police report for the crash shows the ACCC policyholder at fault. It has been almost 3 weeks... I have NOT received my estimate that they conducted at my home 9 days ago. They are not returning my calls. Looks like I will be paying a visit to their office in Houston as I live 25 miles from there.
With all of the similar issues I see here, why have the masses not rallied and filed a class action? I am totally in if so. I have all docs and have recorded EVERY call made to them, even when they would not answer.... AWFUL company. I will sue their policy holder... poor lady was sold a cheap policy that would not be covered.. thy robbed her ans subsequently me. Custom muscle cars are hard to find, and I will get mine repaired via my insurance to prevent declination in value....




1 Month ago

Apr 12, 2014 by Milton Runnels

Hopefully there will be enough complaints to initiate a Class action Lawsuit. All the comments are the same scenario. I will continue to fight this issue to the end or till this Company is no longer in Business.

Thank god for these reviews

Apr 02, 2014 by Michelle

I chose this insurance after an agent told me how great they are. I had paid for an entire year with no accidents, timely payments and my rates went to almost $200 when I went to renew. I have a perfect driving record and rarely drive. Anyway, trying to call them about it is a joke, they don't work very often or take a lot of vacation days. I am thanking god for all of these reviews I realized they are rated F with BBB. I switched to a well known insurance who saved me $50 a month, I am so grateful I never needed ACCC I would have been so screwed,. I really got ripped off too! I'm so happy to be done with them.


Feb 08, 2014 by WESLEY PITMAN

I was rear-ended last Sunday by this companies client and have been unsuccessful in getting a call back from this Jennifer Pate B****. She has ignored all my faxes, messages and I'm still without a rental car or idea of what this sorry excuse for a company is going to do. I have retained a lawyer for my medical damages and I assume that MY insurance will have to pay for my car. If I could I would travel to Houston and have a little sit-down with this loser and her company. And I will be reporting this to the Texas Insurance Board.


Nov 22, 2013 by joycefluitt

Mr Ikenaga I am filing a report with the Texas Insurance Board as if you care Why sir do you treat people the way you do.I never expect to hear from you but wanted to let you know how awful you and your company treat people.I wanted to give you a 0 but you left that out.


Nov 22, 2013 by joyce fluitt

Recently I was in an accident with one of your insures customers your company has done every thing possible to deny this claim I have learned this is common practice for your ins company and that your reputation is really bad I have called and called left message after message but no one will call me back.This is poor practice not only did your customer leave the accident sight but smelled of alcohol.I had four grand children in my car what kind of company do you run I will be reporting you.

ACCC Insurance

Nov 07, 2013 by Tom

0 Stars complete waste of time. NOT GOO.. RUN LIKE HELL.. This Makes you give stars.. How about 0

So True

Oct 18, 2013 by Jerry

My advice is to contact your insurance company.
Do not waste your time with ACCC Insurance Co.

A fraud

Oct 05, 2013 by SWilson

Was rear-ended while parked at the curb at a friend's home six days ago. My car was totaled and my friend suffered severe facial injuries. Just got a letter from ACCC Claims Service that the policy was "cancelled on 9/28/2013 at 12:01 A.M." and "Since the accident/loss occurred on 9/29/2013 at 2:05 PM standard time, or subsequent to the effective date of cancellation, there was no coverage in effect at the time of the accident/loss." UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

All the bad things about this compnay are true

Sep 17, 2013 by Chuck McLeod

Only reason I did not give them 0 stars is the system will not let you. I do not need to go into the reason the reviews below is what happened to me. Believe me I hope you never have a claim..

This Compnay ACCC Insurance will not settle claims

Sep 07, 2013 by Chuck McLeod

Read all the comments below.. I could tell you my story but it is repeated below many times They just Suck Period! I had to give them one star cus it will not let me give these jerks 0 stars

Poorest excuse for an insurance company

Aug 24, 2013 by Lynda Baxter

I must say I thought I was the only one with a beef about this company,however I see I am not.I purchased a vehicle on 7/23/2013,and purchased a policy with this company (7/23/2013).How about I received a letter stateing that I needed to pay my premium by 8/12/2013,not even a month has gone by.I paid these game playing jokers(8/22/2013),and today(8/24/2013),they send the car finance company a letter dated (8/22/2013) the day I paid them and said they were sending the letter with an intent to cancel my insurance policy,and they know I have paid them ahead of time.I am investing in a new insurance policy and advise people do not get caught up with this crummy company,you will only get had!!!!!!!!!!!

Waste of my Time

Aug 13, 2013 by Sosamma Thomson

This insurance company is a pain. They should be put out of business. I was rear ended by one of their clients and ACCC never gave me the information I needed. They also denied my claim because they could not get in touch with their client. The only thing this insurance company does is take the clients money and not help the situation at all. This is by far THE WORST insurance company ever.

ACCC is the worst insurance company in the world

Jul 29, 2013 by Clarence Chao

I'd write a long rant, but all these other people have basically the same experience as me. Their insured driver T-boned my car and admitted fault at the scene. My insurance company has a taped recording of him admitting fault and the ACCC adjuster - Jason Bardon never returns a phone call and will not accept liability. This is absolutely the worst insurance company on the planet. Its amazing how Texas still lets this company operate.

No response to claim - Ignores phone calls and emails

Jul 23, 2013 by Shonda Taylor

I see everyone else is experiencing the same thing. I was rear-ended by a car insured with ACCC on July 3, 2013. They are not responding to me or my insurance company. We have left multiple voicemails and emails. They wont let me talk to anyone except Jennifer Pate or her supervisor Paul Wilson. Neither is responding. This is the worst service I have ever experienced. They should be put out of business.

No response to claim - Ignores phone calls and emails

Jul 23, 2013 by Shonda Taylor

I see everyone else is experiencing the same thing. I was rear-ended by a car insured with ACCC on July 3, 2013. They are not responding to me or my insurance company. We have left multiple voicemails and emails. They wont let me talk to anyone except Jennifer Pate or her supervisor Paul Wilson. Neither is responding. This is the worst service I have ever experienced. They should be put out of business.

Grass grows faster than there phone calls

Jul 18, 2013 by Mike

iI was going to write about what went wrong. just read all the others below and multiply by 3. My truck is being held for ransom until ACCC calls them.

Don't trust ACCC Insurance

Jul 16, 2013 by L Woodard

This one star rating is too much. My early model Toyota Avalon was hit in the rear end by an ACCC insured, 5 and 1/2 weeks ago. The lady who hit struck our vehicle made the statement at the scene "I had the bigger vehicle so I had the right of way" (Suburban with a cattle guard on it) The damage to our vehicle is extensive and has totaled it. First off, repeated communication attempts are futile because no one will ever answer the telephone. We have left message after message with the ACCC adjuster repeatedly. ACCC has denied their insurer was at fault, however the pictures of the accident and the damage done to the vehicle are clear. The ACCC auto appraiser Carlos Jones has taken pictures of the vehicle and turned them into the claims adjuster 3 weeks ago. The claims adjuster Rhonda Madison (she will only call you every 8th time you call her) will not settle the claim and continues to make the statement "we have to investigate it more and will not make a commitment as too when it will be completed. I will file with the Texas Department of Insurance, and the Attorney General of Texas on these scum with all there names on it. I will seek out an attorney to file negligence against there client and ACCC. This insurance agency ACCC treats everyone like dirt.

Good VS Bad

Jul 15, 2013 by Shauleen Willis

My Tahoe was hit by and ACCC insured (total loss)the driver failed to yield. I had to wait 5 days for the police report just to get the drivers insurance information. I called and find out the driver has not even filed a claim! I am now on day 8 with no response from ACCC. Lets see I have Allstate, the 3rd driver (that was also hit by ACCC insured) has Statefarm and we get to deal with this bottom feeder insurance company. I know must hire an attorney, my time is valuable. ACCC you are trash and so are your clients, you will always insure scum!

Claims Department Terrible

Jul 08, 2013 by Robin C. Moorman

ACCC Insurance Claim department is the worst... For anyone wanting car insurance stay away from this company. I filed an insurance claim in May and its now July and they have not processed my claim yet. The department representatives are playing games, do not return calls and as a customer you are shifted around constantly. I had full coverage insurance and its like I had no insurance with this company. I didn't get a rental car because I was suppose to pay for the car rental myself and get reimbursed by the company. People please be careful when choosing car insurance...

Worst insurance company to deal with. It should be investigated by the Texas Department of Insurance

Jul 05, 2013 by Jonathan Michaels

First I would like to say the 1 star rating is too much credit for this company.
Their client was the cause of an accident and casually and frequently lied about the incident which was fostered by the company culture of unprofessionalism and lack of morality. Not only did I provide proof of this the company is not acting according to the standards set by law in the state of Texas, this is grounds for an upcoming lawsuit by myself and multiple fines which they cannot afford. ACCC breeds unaccountability for their actions (or lack thereof) from the corporate head down to the claim's adjuster's office. My suggestion to anyone who is in a situation with an insured with this company is to retain an attorney as soon as possible. The customer service is non-existent due to the fact that calls are never answered or returned and questions asked by claimants are vaguely answered.
This company specializes in denying every claim possible regardless if it is illegal or unethical and thus will not remain in business much longer.

No one responds or calls back

Jun 21, 2013 by Timothy Hazlett

My parked car in front of my house. It was hit by their clients car. I have all the infor and police report but they don't respond or call back. Having to make a claim on my personal insurance. Don't have the patience or time to just try and talk to someone.

Toe Curling Frustration

Jun 19, 2013 by Jason Daws

Not going to regurgitate everything that has already been written, but I've had almost the exact experience with ACCC recently. Add to this Insurance Adjuster, Tracy, called me unprofessional, talked over me, and hung up on me with the most horrible attitude, then was ok with leaving me stranded in a car rental agency inside the lobby of a hotel for 3 hours. Now tell me again who we are name-calling unprofessional? I'm in customer service as well and know what a good job looks like...this was far from it!!! Ever feel like you are trapped and there is no where else to turn. I was so frustrated my toes curled, and hands started to shake because of my treatment. In my opinion leaving someone stranded in a car rental agency inside the lobby of a hotel for 3 hours is pretty unprofessional to me. You had to select at least 1 star, but that is too high of a rating here.

worst insurance in the World

Jun 08, 2013 by sophia johnson

Monica Smith is my adjuster Never have Return my phone. This place is not Honest, has no morales, values. How you send a xompany your title and they tell you its not a title. MAY 9,2013 my cae was total out by there client. They NEVER got me a rental car and have not paid me for my car. You have never saw a business without any ethics about themselves.

bad company very dishonest people

Jun 08, 2013 by sophia Johnson

This is for Mr. Jack Ikenaga my is Sophia Johnson and I have a claim with you on my car. When your client has hit my car and not your company dont want to pay for my car. Which your company has settle for me and now dont want to pay me. My case number is T0829591-7 . It has been 30 day and Monic Smith still has not settle my lost. You send me a letter I send All documents back. I want my check for my car asap. I will contact the BBB an a attorney. This is a shame your client total my car and still no check no rental car. God is going to get you all

Dont ever deal with this company!!!!

Apr 29, 2013 by D. Ray

Their insured backed into my car 2 years ago and they are still denying liability. How can you deny liability? you hit a parked car!!! These people are the worst

did not get enought to fix my car

Apr 15, 2013 by kris

We were rear ended at a stop light and got the same run around they never return our phone calls or emails. We finally heard we are getting 150.00 that DOES NOT even cover the part! And what about labor and rental car while the car is being repaired. It is crazy these companies are allowed to sell insurance policies. I wish the state would look into these bogus insurance companies.
I did not even want to give them any stars but BEWARE this company is the worse to deal with.

T0821400-9 Claim

Mar 12, 2013 by Leticia Rodriguez

I recently recieved a letter stating it would not cover my F-150 truck acciendent the adjuster taking care this matter Sonia Jonson has not returned my calls nor has her supervisor James Mcman.I am fustrated wil type of service. The adjuster needs to look into this and so another appraise adfustment the window it self is expensive not even including the labor. He denied my bumper damage and the dent in the back too.I would like this resolved ASAP. Thanks Leticia Rodriguez

1.0 2.0 40 40 I recently recieved a letter stating it would not cover my F-150 truck acciendent the adjuster taking care this matter Sonia Jonson has not returned my calls nor has her supervisor James Mcman.I am fustrated wil type of service. The adjuster needs to look into this and so another appraise adfustment the window it self is expensive not even including the labor. He denied my bumper damage and the dent in the back too.I would like this resolved ASAP. Thanks Leticia Rodriguez
ACCC Insurance Company
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