Travelers Lloyds Insurance Company

Douglas K. Bell
One Tower Square, Hartford, CT, 6183, United States
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Douglas K. Bell, is the President of Travelers Lloyds Insurance Company which was founded in 1981. The company treasurer is Douglas K Russell. Underwriters include: Charles J Clarke, David E Woodworth, Ronald E Izumi, Brian J Hoffman, Richard D Schug, Bernard A Pelletier, Bruce R Jones, James J Kelly, Richard A Waskiewicz, John J Albano, James B Mcginn, James W Chapman.

Travelers Lloyds Insurance Company primarily deals with insurance.

Travelers Lloyds Insurance Company is affiliated with Travelers Group.

In 2013, Travelers Lloyds Insurance Company had total liabilities of $19,296 and total assets of $38,095. Their total liabilities reached $19,296, while their net income was $2,200.

Total direct premiums written in 2013 totaled $259,851; and net premiums were $0.

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